how many followers do you have?
- that's irrelevant and none of your business, sorry.

follow me back?
- no, sorry. i'd rather follow blogs that i actually like than have to follow blogs just because they like my blog, y'know? if you want me to check out your blog, i will.

do you make your own psds?
- yes. but when i'm suffering from editors block, i use drunkandcoloring's psds as base layers to create new psds. but even then, they end up looking absolutely nothing like they did originally. 5 of my psds are available for you to download here.

where in england are you from?
- i'm from birmingham, but i'm at university rn so i'm no longer permanently living there.

post a picture of yourself
- no, sorry. this is not a personal blog.

favourite blogs?
- you can check out my blogroll here. my other (non-jonas) favourite blogs can be found on my personal blogroll here.

do you have a download link for photoshop?
- download links can be found here. let me know if any of the links stop working.


- all reblogs and asks are deleted with 30 minutes. so if you ask me something or send me something, please check my response asap.

- if you wish to discuss nick’s dating life with me, you will have to come off anonymous so that i can answer it privately. otherwise, your message will be ignored. also, if you reply to any of my text posts and you mention any of his girlfriends, i won't respond.